Monday, September 17, 2012

Away to Arizona

Got away this morning in good time to allow another stop at Hoover Dam.  This time we parked in the lot at the downstream side and climbed the 99 steps to the pedestrian walkway beside the highway bridge.  The dam is an obvious tour de force from this side.  Even at 9:30 in the morning on September 17th, the temperature was 95F.  One can only imagine what an ordeal it must have been to work on in the 1930's.

From there we struck east to Kingman and caught the historic Route 66 towards Flagstaff.  Happily the two lane road I remembered from my first visit here in 1958 has been replaced by a smooth 4-lane highway.  Outside Seligman, we detoured to see the Roadkill Cafe and a piece of the original Route 66.

Their motto: You kill it, we'll grill it.

And don't bring your gun to lunch.


Our little Chevy Sonic gasping for breath, we continued climbing from Vegas' aproximate 3000 feet elevation, to cross the Arizona Divide at 7332 feet.  By now the vegetation had changed from the sparse desert shrubs around Vegas to actual grass and Juniper trees.  This shifted over to Ponderosa Pine forests as we neared Flagstaff.  

We ended the easy day's drive at our Best Western Pony Soldier at 3030 East, Route 66 and a more comfortable 80F.

Reggie ticks another off her Bucket List tomorrow with a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.

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