Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Visit to NYC

Drove in to the city this morning.  The supposed 40-minute drive was turned into a 2-hour nightmare by the overloaded Holland Tunnel.  Nevertheless, found our parking spot (a bargain $32 for 6 hours) on 7th ave between 51st and 52nd streets and hoofed it over to 8th Ave. and 42nd Street to catch our guided bus tour.

The tour was quite broad-based, including The Dakota, Central Park, Wall Street, Hell's Kitchen, Upper East Side, Lower East Side, West Side, a boat tour of the harbour and Statue of Liberty from Pier 17 and return to Times Square.  Reg decided the rain was too much, so we hopped the subway back to 42nd and hiked back to the car.  Mabel jumped us through the usual hoops and new byways en route to Stef's where we gratefully unwound.

Driving in Italy seemed to be less stressful than driving in New York.

Theatre on 42nd Street

Neon police sign in Times Square

The Dakota where John Lennon was killed

Section of Central Park facing the Dakota

Memorial to Lennon in Central Park

World Trade Centre site.  Note police watchtower in foreground.

Poky little Wall Street.  Building in centre is the NYSE

The grand old Statue of Liberty.

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