Thursday, September 15, 2011

Syros - Piraeus

After overnighting at quaint, European-styled Syros, we left early for breakfast at sea and a swim stop at a small island on the way.  Setting sail again, we ate lunch and then set sail for real: the sails went up for the first time!  More of a demonstration/photo-op in light winds than actual sailing, it was pretty nonetheless.  Too soon, we passed Cape Sounion, slowing for pictures of the Temple of Poseidon on the cliff where Aegeus leaped to his death thus lending his name to the Aegean Sea, and on to our final stop in Marina Zea at Piraeus.  We'll spend one last night aboard and disembark for Athens tomorrow.


Syros, more Euro-looking than Greek, but Greek nonetheless.

Paul Making sail

Last pass at Temple of Poseidon

If you squint hard at the hill just above the center of the picture, you can just make out the Parthenon as seen from the sea, approaching Piraeus.  Must have been stunning 2500 years ago when all those houses weren't in the way.

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