Friday, September 16, 2011


Disembarked at 9AM, bidding adieu to all three Harmony cruise ship's crews and our fellow passengers, and taxied to our little hotel in Athens (Hotel Stalis).  Small, clean and modern, it's WiFi service is considerably faster than ours at home.

Wandered around the corner at 1PM to a small diner and decided to split a large Pikilia and a Bergina Beer.  In Greece, when two sizes are offered, always order the smaller of the two.  Our waitress reappeared with a 12" X 18" platter heaped with assorted meats, pitas, fries and a dab of veggies.  Enough for a family of four.  Even the beer was 1/2L size.  We managed to get through about 2/3 rds of the platter (5 weeks of eating on cruise ships has increased our capacity), before giving up and staggering off to shop.

An hour of pounding the red-hot pavement under a ferocious sun buried our resolve and we retreated to the hotel for a siesta.  Will try for the Acropolis tomorrow if we can get away before the worst of the heat hits.

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  1. Hey folks!

    Nice photos! Too bad about the heat - I hope it's a "dry" heat, at least...

    Got your postcard from Budapest today! Thanks for thinking of me....

    When is your return date? Just wondering....

    Lee is in Barcelona this week. Then he is off to Germany, I believe.... Hard to keep track of him these days!

    Enjoy Athens and keep those blogs coming!

    Cheers and Love,