Sunday, September 4, 2011


Sailed at night into the teeth of the Meltemi, Force 6 with 10 foot waves (at Force 7 our ship is not allowed to sail, mainly for the comfort of the passengers) north to Patmos.  Gratefully, we sailed into a secluded cove of the beautiful island for a swim break and a leisurely BBQ lunch on the after-deck in a pleasant, dry breeze.  After  lunch we sailed around to the main port of the island, overlooked by the fortress-like Monastery of St. John where he wrote the bible's Book of Revelations.  Quixotically, the island is also home to one of the pioneers in WiFi technology and was used as a pilot project, so we are enjoying a particularly robust signal aboard.

Clear water of swim-cove at Patmos

St. John's fortress monastery

Club Med 2 cruiser anchored outside the port


  1. Man! That is some blue-ass water!

    What a trip you're having!

    Continue to enjoy. As I said - I am living vicariously through you.

    Cheers and Love,


  2. Nice...... I am sure you mean "Quizically" but anyway.... lol! I am sorry I can't blog for long because I am trying to figure out how long my life savings will allow me to live as an artisan and/or fishing boat deckhand on Santorini..... Wow! What a place!

    One can dream......

    Cheers and love,