Thursday, September 29, 2011

If It's Thursday, This Must Be Budapest

Left our peaceful villa in Lachanada and took a quaternary road to the nearest tertiary road to... well, eventually we got on the highway and made it to the Athens airport four and a half hours later.  We were four hours early for our flight which turned out to be a good thing as, unbeknownst to us,  all public transit was on strike in Greece.  The air traffic controllers had threatened to walk out too, but fortunately for us, the government put its foot down.  Our  earliness got us a seat and we sat reading in the Gate until boarding time, when a bus appeared at the door.  We all shuffled aboard with our carry-on luggage and were driven out to where the jet was parked.

Finally aboard, we set off to taxi to our take-off position which was apparently about a kilometer away.  Anyway,  that all got sorted out and we flew to Budapest, two hours and one time zone away.  We were met on the apron by another bus that took us to the terminal.  There, in my usual state of irritation with anything that has to do with travelling, we waited another half-hour for our bags, hopped a taxi and returned to the apartment we had rented a month ago on the riverbank in downtown Pest.

I ventured to the corner store for breakfast supplies and some of that lovely Hungarian beer.

All's well!

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