Thursday, September 29, 2011

Budapest by Day

After a light breakfast and some catching-up on our email and all the doings at home, we wandered out to a nearby pedestrian mall for a look-see.  Reg was nursing a sore ankle so we soon sat down for a pizza lunch and gelato desert.  Fortified, we strolled towards the Central Market, browsing our way through the shops and stopping for an early afternoon cappuccino and some people-watching before going home.  Lovely sunny day and a mild 22C.  Amsterdam tomorrow.

Restaurant on Pedestrian Mall shopping street

Hungarian peppers for sale

Ornate manhole cover.  One wonders how long they'll last...

Top of Reggie's Christmas Wish-List: a real Vespa scooter.

1 comment:

  1. Budapest seems like a great place to visit!

    Looking forward to being regaled - see you in a few days, after the jet lag has worn off...

    Cheers and safe trip,