Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday in Sicily

Set out to find local open-air market this morning, eventually conceding defeat and repairing to a perfectly good supermarket instead for the essentials.

After lunch and a read on the terrace, we walked up to the piazza to window-shop. To our surprise, the usual coterie of old-timers was absent. Of course! It was 3:30 and the shops were closed, therefore no one to watch, therefore, no geezers. Procuring a gelato from the one open store, we strolled anyway and killed time until at 4PM, the stores started to open (also opening their shutters which now allowed window-shopping) and the geezers began drifting back to their usual benches from lunch. Life in the piazza resumed.

Shopping street at 3:30. All closed.

Bank that opened for business before Coloumbus set sail.

Afternoon gathering in the Piazza

Neighbour's elaborate balcony

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