Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cefalu Redux

Ho-hum, another nice, sunny day but chilly, at 18C. Reg got restless by 2PM, so we headed off to give Cefalu another shot.

This time we made it almost all the way to the Duomo before snagging a parking spot in a dubious zone, but it being Sunday, we chanced it. It was only 3PM, so most of the stores weren’t open yet, but when we got to the church, it was.

Built by Roger II in 1131, its conception both rich and showy, it contains the earliest and best preserved of all Sicilian mosaics. The gorgeous Christ Pantocrator in gold on the dome over the gold-encrusted altar dates from 1148 and is in the Byzantine style. The town cemetery is on the clifftop behind the Duomo, with the best view of the town.

A little more rambling amongst the now re-opened shops, a quick visit to the Bastion at the sea-edge (we didn’t have the guts to try the climb to Roger’s fortress, La Rocca, 500 feet above the town) and it was time for a snack. We found a sea-side resto, enjoyed some fabulous appetizers Rustico and a refreshing beverage, then let Mable lead us back to the Autostrada and home.

A lovely day.

Cefalu and its Duomo from approach road with La Rocca on the right

The Duomo from the Piazza

Interior of the Duomo

Mosaic in gold of Christ Pantokrater

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