Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dinner at La Rotondo

We've been asked for shots of a Sicilian meal. Last night we went for supper by the sea at La Rotondo (visible on Google Earth, BTW).

First, the Antipasto, a heroic dish of cold seafoods including tuna, salmon, swordfish, shrimp and squid, with a nice bottle of Sicilian white.

Then Spaghetti a la Vongole (clams) for Reg and what I thought was going to be a slice of Filet of veal. It turned out to be the entire filet!

Then of course, we had to try the La Rotondo crepe for desert (we split one). A nice espresso and off home. Lovely.

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  1. Yikes!

    That's a vast amount of food!

    Looks good! Now I'm even dining vicariously through you... LOL!

    Cheers and Love,