Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Lunch in ENNA

Lunch at Tiffany in Enna - Mussel soup
for Paul and an Antipasta - Small
seafood salad for Reg

Fog shrouded Castello di Lombardia

Inland again to Enna, Sicily's highest city at 931 meters. Up serpentine roads to about 700 meters when we entered the clouds. We pressed (slowly) on to the town which was enveloped in a pea-souper. After parking and groping along a few medieval streets, we came across the Duomo of Enna. Plain on the outside, it is ornate within.

Fog-shrouded duomo.

Interior of dome

Ornate side altar

Details of one of the many Vestry carved panels

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  1. Not that all of your pictures are not amazing, but that one of mom in the fog is breath taking.... keep shooting, I'm green with envy. Try looking for shots like that one, less documentary, more photography...;)