Thursday, September 2, 2010



Ace navigator Reg, got us all the way to Venice on the A4 from Bedizzole this morning. Not only that, but she found our pre-paid garage on the first try! Gratefully, we stuffed the car into a spot on the tenth floor and took the lift down to buy a map.

Across the road, down the steps to the Vaporetto station and Biglieterie where we picked up our pre-paid Vaporetto 3-day pass, bought a sandwich and boarded the number 61 Vaporetto with our luggage to the Giardini stop (one stop from Piazza San Marco) where we were met by Mathias who walked us the 10 minutes to our apartment on the Via Castello. Happily, Reg had redistributed our stuff so that only one suicase needed to be lugged for our three-day stop here.  Something that I appreciated more and more as we got farther and farther from the canal!

Settled in to the apartment and tried to get the WiFi to work, then we went for a stroll down the tiny street to a square-cum-street called Via Garibaldi. On the corner by the Canal di San Marco, was a house proudly declaring itself to be Giovanni Cabotti’s house, complete with plaque from the Govt. of Newfoundland.

After taking too many pictures, we looked for some groceries only to find all stores closed for lunch from 1:00 to 3:45. We’ll go out for supper at Giorgianos on the corner later and pick some up afterwards.

Meanwhile, I found one of our neighbour's has an unsecured WiFi link, so I'm sneaking this off to you.

Venice from the carpark

John Cabot's house, corner of Garibaldi and the canal.

Downtown Venice from our vaporetto stop

Grocery boat making deliveries on a side-canal

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  1. Wow, guys!

    I don't know if you are seeing my comments or not, but I will soldier on regardless...

    Looks fabulous! Great pictures (I guess you can't go wrong there..!)

    Don't forget to have an espresso with Sambucca. If you have it Roman style it's called Sambucca con mosce (the coffee beans are the flies).

    Thank goodness for Reggie's organization, eh!?

    Keep up the nice travelling.

    Cheers and Love!