Friday, September 3, 2010

Afternoon in Venice

Sitting on the terrace with a giant French stogie (1E in Nimes) sipping an imported Sonnenbrau German beer (0.55E at the corner store, eat your heart out Beer Store) with beer written in 11 languages on the can, writing this blog.

Just back from a 2-hour, guided, walking tour. Visited Piazza San Marco with the Palace of the Doges, the unbelievable Church of San Marco (centuries of gold encrustation, marble terrazzo floors, Porphyrie (sp?) statues (600 of them), the clocks and the bell tower. Then off through a maze of Vialles, over dozens of canal bridges to Marco Polo's house, the Rialto bridge and finally home by a 10-minute vaporetto ride.

We arrived an hour early for our tour (mix-up in seasonal schedules) which was good, because it gave us time to line up at the Tourist Office to collect our toilet passes. We booked them online for 2E. Turned out they weren't passes, but single-use tickets to the public WC. Not much of a deal since it only costs 1.5E at the WCs.

Side Canal

Off for a boat tour of the Grand Canal this evening, after which I'm promised a home-in-Venice-cooked supper of spaghetti a la vongole tonight with some silky-smooth 4E Chianti (decided to splurge after the decent but pedestrian 1.6E Carcassonne red).

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