Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Siena - Sept 21st pm

(Photos courtesy of Rick Marvell)

Nave of the Duomo

A station of the cross inside Duomo.

Marvells in front of main bronze doors

Detail over front door

Section of main pipe organ with trumpets

After lunch, which included some wild boar from San Gimmi, we nipped off to nearby Sienna to see their legendary Duomo; it’s a wedding cake in marble, unbelievably ornate outside and more-so inside with even the floors decorated with marble pictures. Quite possibly the finest church we’ve seen so far, including Florence’s Duomo. Eight candles were lit for Reggie and her siblings in memory of their mother.

After a refreshing lunch and beverage (which a passing Swiss tourist on an electric-assist bicycle assured us was not really German beer) we tracked down the car (Sienna outlawed vehicles downtown in 1966) and hit the road again.

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