Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fano on the Adriatic.

Five hours of twisty bits through the Apenines to Fano. Ground-floor rooms 100 feet from the sea (we can hear the waves).

Full moon (and Jupiter) over the Adriatic.

Supper in Fano at a seaside restaurant.
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  1. More good times! Nice! I am seeing the moon and Jupiter right now above the house here....except my location is not quite so exotic...!

    Starting to get some interviews, telephone and in person even...!

    Cheers and keep on travelin'!

    Love and cheers,


  2. We also saw Jupiter and the moon last night. It was quite a sight. You do cover a lot of territory but there is so much to see and absorb. I agree with you that the Duomo in Sienna is very beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with all of us. Your blog is read by many many people in Cornwall.

    Claudette and John