Thursday, December 1, 2016

Idle Jottings

As one heads south at this time of year one can't help being struck by what a difference movement makes, especially at ground level.  In a car, you see the season retreating day after day.  You segue from snow to bare trees, to trees with coloured leaves, to trees with green leaves, and eventually, to palm trees and no sign that Winter has ever been here.  When you fly, you leave winter and arrive in summer.  Could be another planet.

Cultural differences are also telescoped.  Northern states seem to ban roadside billboards.  Southern states seem to relish them.  Disconcerting to see giant signs advertising guns, alcohol, "Adult Superstores" and Jesus saves, all one after the other in the Bible Belt.  Canadians are taken aback by billboards advertising the Best Cardiac Care, ie; one money-for-misery hospital is better than another.  Lawyers, 1-800-sue!

Vive la difference!

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