Monday, June 27, 2016


Hopped a train to Winchester, 'cause you know; Cathedral.  British trains are clean, prompt, quick and silently electric.  Also frequent.  And cheap.  De-trained at Winchester about 15 minutes later and ventured on to a city bus.  Bus drivers are usually helpful and (outside of London) you can buy tickets on the bus.  After explaining that we could take her bus to the city center, duck down the alleyway after Debbenhams Department Store and trip upon the Cathedral, she sold us tickets and off we went.  She even told us when to get off.

Strolled up the High Street to the alley, which turned out to be a hollowed-out former church with tombstones now exposed and part of the walkway, through to the cathedral itself.  Churches were fond of entombing favourite sons and daughters in the floor of the church, for a price.  Winchester, another 1,000 year old Gothic wonder was no different, with bishops, colonels and other local luminaries buried inside.  Also present were the tombs of some actually famous people like Jane Austen and King Canute.

Then a sparkling water with cheese and onion pastry, followed by the bus back to the station, train to Southampton and (now that we knew it was easy and cheap) a bus back to our waterfront digs.  All in glorious sunshine for a change.

Winchester High Street

Nave, Winchester Cathedral

Tomb of Jane Austen

Carved stone frieze, high alter


  1. In reference to your comment regarding the Beatles in relation to Winchester Cathedral, I feel I must comment.... I thought maybe you were baiting me to see if I was really reading your blog - LOL! The song "Winchester Cathedral" was recorded by the New Vaudeville Band in 1966, nothing to do with the Fab Four..... Just ask if you wanna know more... ;-)

    By the way - GREAT pictures! Can't wait to see how you frame the HMS Victory...!

    1. Skipped Victory again, it's away in Portsmouth and we're out of time.