Friday, March 11, 2016

Key West

Down to Key West yesterday.  (I was going to say "wandered down to Key West", but there is no wandering involved.  There's one road and it ends at Key West, so it's pretty much impossible to get lost.)

Anyway, did a few big-box-store type errands, then went down Duval Street, past the endless party, to the Butterfly Museum.  The weather was sunny and warm, with a temperature of 80F or so, but inside the museum, it was a rainforest, with even higher temps and ferocious humidity.  The butterflies were hyper-active, flitting from tropical plant to plant and hard to photograph.  Two resident flamingos, Rhett and Scarlett were bellowing mating calls to each other.  Other assorted tiny birds were enjoying seeds hither and yon.  Fun to see.

After, we went to Thai Harbor Restaurant for a lovely Sushi lunch on the terrace overlooking the harbor, enjoying the warm breezes and a refreshing beverage.  Then home to recover on the lanai with our Kindles.

Costa Rican Blue Morpho


Gouldian Finch

Costa Rican Owl butterfly

Chrysalis in the nursery

 Fijian butterfly

Lunch al fresco, overlooking the harbour


  1. I love Al Fresco.... he's the best!

  2. I love Al Fresco.... he's the best!