Thursday, January 14, 2016

Settling In

Lolled about indolently for a week, after laying in a suitable larder from Wynn-Dixie and signing up for their frequent eater card.  Successfully ventured down the road for seafood at the nearby Square Grouper Restaurant.  It was jam-packed, so we ate at the bar rather than wait an hour for a table.  On a Thursday.

Met up with Reg's brothers Ron and Rejean and their wives for a browse around Big Pine Key Market on Saturday and lunch at the No Name Tavern (which was nearly standing-room only).

Followed that up with a nice supper at Rejean's condo in Marathon and a good old chin-wag.  Then returned the favor a few days later and had them over for a spaghetti dinner on the screened-in Florida Room at Stefan's place.  They were curious about Antelope Canyon in Arizona, so I set up our new little Blu-Ray player to wirelessly mirror our pictures from the laptop to the TV and bored everyone with our vacation pix.

Stefan joined us via his on-deck security cameras and was able to vicariously enjoy the get-together from his home in New Jersey.  Ain't technology grand?

A chilly 72F here today, so we're cowering indoors and recovering.


  1. WoW! Life is tough in Florida :-) I am glad you are enjoying yourselves and that chilly 72F :-(

    Bonne continuation. Claudette

  2. "....wirelessly mirror our pictures from the laptop to...... " Whaaaat? It wouldn't even occur to me to think that this could be done.... LOL! Got some catching up to do, I guess!