Sunday, January 3, 2016

Fla Day 2, North Carolina - Florida

Sunset, Raleigh NC

Through the rest of North Carolina, into South Carolina.  The latter has a slightly different Men at Work policy: in addition to the usual heavy fines, speeders in roadwork zones get 30 days in Jail.

On through SC to Georgia.  I95 pretty well fails as a scenic route.  Trees along each side of the road completely conceal whatever scenery there might be.  In SC, I95 became a 4-lane parking lot for most of its length, only easing up when we hit the 6-laner in Georgia.  All three states permit those excrescences of the 1950’s; billboards advertising such delights Mudfish Jack’s Seafood emporium.  They also suffer from a dearth of Rest Stops.

The bosky roadsides leave a lot to be desired.  Never mind, on to St. Augustine for the night.  Florida at last!  Woohoo!

Lovely dinner at Cuccina Giovanni, then settled in for a night of Downton Abbey.


  1. You used bosky.... and now because of you I know what it means.....

    1. Not to worry; there won't be any tests!

      Love the place!