Monday, March 9, 2015

Organ Pipe Pizza

Four friends from Cornwall who are staying in Tucson, came to Phoenix yesterday to see one of the many Spring Training Camp baseball games currently underway.  We agreed to meet in Mesa afterwards for supper at Organ Pipe Pizza.

A vast place accommodating what looked like 1,000 diners, it operates on the collect-your-$8-pitcher-of-beer, order-your-pizza and find-somewhere-to-sit-while-you-wait  principal.  You're given a number and that number is posted on an electronic billboard when the pizza is ready.  You couldn't possibly hear a number being called out, due to the presence along one entire wall of a a monster pipe organ.  It even has its own drum and cymbal kit, controlled from the organ.  As we gazed on this in wonder, the keyboard rose majestically through the floor, with the organist already seated at the keyboard and the wall of sound burst into thunderous renditions of show-tunes and old favourites.

We hollered our way through a conversation while we ate and then were stunned when, at the finale of the show, the organist played the Canadian National Anthem while a Canadian flag was lowered from the ceiling!  Fully a third of the audience stood for the anthem (there really are a lot of Snowbirds here).  Then the Stars and Stripes was played, the Canadian flag being replaced by the U.S. flag.  The rest of the diners stood.  As the song ended, I yelled "Let's play hockey!" to the amusement of those few nearby who knew the word.

 A very loud but interesting place.  The pizza was good too.

Looks like it'll warm up here in time for Spring:

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