Friday, January 2, 2015


Slept in, huge breakfast at Denny’s, then I40 to Meteor Crater.  Meteor crater is not a national park, its privately owned by the descendents of Barringer, the geologist who first identified the crater.  They offered it to the government on his death, but they'd just created the Grand Canyon Park and said they already had a hole in the ground.  Entrance fee for seniors: $16.  This includes a cartoon-like, low-information-content, ten-minute film, a lecture by the guide and a tour, weather permitting.  Weather wasn’t permitting, so Paul went outside, took some pics and we left.

Turned left at Flagstaff and took a very scenic, roller-coaster interstate to Phoenix.  Forty miles out of Phoenix, after descending 2,000 feet (again), the first cacti appeared, Saguaros.  On the outskirts of Phoenix, palm trees appeared and the temp rose from 29F to 58F.  Found our condo, secured the keys and settled in.

Once organized, set out to stock up on provisions while the strength lasted.  Ate a pizza nearby and collapsed for the night, 3100 miles and six days of driving from home.

Meteor Crater

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