Friday, January 23, 2015

Butterfly Wonderland

Brief sojourn to Scottsdale this afternoon in nippy 65F weather (Where's the parka, Martha?) to see the purpose-built Butterfly Wonderland.  A large building near the Highway 101 Loop, it houses a great collection of butterflies in an indoor greenhouse-style environment that lets one walk among them.  Nearby are laser mazes and soon an aquarium.  The gardens are of course cacti, a propos of which, Saguaros live 70-90 years before growing their first branch and may live up to 700 years.

Fresh shipments of butterfly larvae and chrysalis are received every week from around the world, nurtured to maturity in the nursery and released into the atrium in all their colourful splendour.  Also featured was a 13 minute film on the Monarch butterfly in startlingly good "Real3D", showing their epic migration from Toronto to Mexico and back.  A well done exhibit.

Reg makes a friend

Giant Atlas Moth

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