Sunday, December 21, 2014

Day at Sea on Quantum of the Sea

Spent some time exploring the ship today as we steamed south and the weather got progressively warmer.  Large enough to be a destination in itself, it boasts all the usual diversions (pools – indoor and out, saunas, rock-climbing, gyms, running tracks) and some unusual ones like; a crane-lifter pod that brings you 300 feet above the ocean, a surfing setup on the afterdeck, bumper cars and even a windtunnel sky-diving system that Stefan and family tried.

After watching them soar like eagles, we repaired to the Royal Theatre for a matinee performance of the Broadway hit Mama Mia.  When RCL negotiated with the show’s producers, they won the rights to put it on in Quantum of the Seas provided they did the full two and half hour show.  RCL not only agreed, they used the original score, the costumes and the sets from the show.  The cast was superb, the acoustics excellent and the music brought tears to the eyes of the codgers in the crowd.

Then, after a refreshing beverage made to order at the robotic Bionic Bar, we repaired to Devinly Decadence at the Solarium Bistro for supper en famille. 

Stefan managed to book seats for us at tomorrow night’s sold-out performance of StarWater by Moment Factory on his smart-phone.

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