Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Drive

After a long sleep and a great shower in Stefan's shiny, new guest bathroom, we hit the road.  As we progressed further and further North the Fall foliage became more and more colourful until it faded away again and was finished by the time we got to the border.

At Stef's we discovered that Reggie's watch and credit cards had been stolen from her purse at the security checkpoint in the Charles de Gaulle Airport.  While we were all distracted by Reggie being given a complete, pat-down, body search, one of the agents must have taken them from her freshly x-rayed purse.  Neither of us could see the purse in its tray and that was the only time it was out of sight.  The thief will be disappointed when they discover that the gold card case is just gold-coloured and the Rolex watch is just a cheap look-alike.  The cards were immediately cancelled, of course.  Seems like someone robs us whenever we go to Europe.  We need to work on that.

Who will protect us from the supposed Security people?

Entering the Adirondacks

One hour further north

Two hours further north.

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