Wednesday, September 3, 2014


This morning it was; Metro to Metro to train to Versailles.  The Metro is VERY busy during rush hour.  Lots of jostling and bumping.  Keep your hand firmly on your wallet.

Took a self-guided tour of the palace with a semi-useful audio guide, lunch in the Cafe d'Orleans, then ride through some of the nearly one thousand acres of gardens in Le Petit Train de Versailles. A visit to this unbelievable exercise in wretched excess completely explains the French Revolution.

Left feeling decidedly un-Royalist and reversed steps to hotel.

Outer gate

Inner gate

Main entrance

Chapel ceiling


Entrance to ballroom

Hall of Mirrors


Rear facade

Part of rear garden and portion of the Grand Canal

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  1. Impressive edifice and grounds......! Looks like you're having great weather, too!

    Keep up the great reports!