Friday, September 5, 2014

The Louvre

Made another stab at the Louvre this morning, but it was opening late due to a private function and the line numbered in the thousands.  Strolled through the Tuilleries again to the Orangerie which deigned to open.

Toured a lacklustre display of Impressionist works not good enough for the Louvre, including two oval rooms purpose built for four each of Monet’s massive works.  Painted when he was nearly blind, they’re supposed to represent 360-degree views of something blue with blobs of other colours in it.  Culture Vultures would love it.  You can safely give the whole place a miss.  And I LIKE Impressionists.

On to the vast Louvre, this time by bus.  Zipped through the no-waiting Pass line and headed for the Mona Lisa like everyone else.  A ridiculous scrum of hundreds surrounded the painting, including morons at the front of the crown taking selfies of themselves with Mona on their Dumbphones.  Mona is protected by glass, inside a glass case and reflections make it difficult to get a decent photo.

Fought our way out of there, toured portions of one floor of one wing of French and Italian painters before breaking for lunch at the cafeteria.  Struggled though a bit of the Greek, Roman, Etruscan sections before losing all motive force and heading home.

One could spend every day for years at the Louvre and not see it all.  Looted from all over the French Empire by kings, Napoleon and rich folk who bequeathed their collections to the place, it is vast and a must see.

Pizza Night tonight! 

Line up to get in

Painting at l'Orangerie that I did like.


Gallery, Louvre

Bronze and travertine statue

Porphyry and bronze bust

Elegant gallery ceiling.  This used to be a palace, after all.

Long Italian gallery

Our Mona

Winged Victory of Samothrace

Nappy crowning Jo-Jo

The Naked Maja

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