Monday, September 29, 2014


Moved 600Km SE to our next base of operations, Lyon.  Travelling on Sunday is great; there is no one on the road.  On the way we called in at Clermont-Ferrat in the Central Massif Region, home to Michelin and Blaise Pascal.  Despite our maps and GPS, we managed to find the center of the old town.  The Tourist Information office was closed, but we could see the strange, black, volcanic rock cathedral looming over the houses like something out of Lord of the Rings, so we trekked uphill to it.  It was also closed.  Unexpected for a cathedral on Sunday.  Michelin gift shop remained unlocated, but we did manage a shot of the statue honoring Vercingetorix, the Gaul who gave Caesar so much trouble before being captured and later killed in Rome.

Grabbed lunch and pressed on to Lyon, a large, seemingly bland city on the outskirts of France’s alpine region.  Our apartment-hotel was eventually tracked down, ludicrous parking situation overcome and we checked in to the wrong room.  Nothing could be done about it, because apparently the Reception Desk is also closed on Sunday!  I wonder what it would be like here if France took religion seriously?  Happily we got it all sorted next morning, even internet access.

Pay Parking in Clermont-Ferrat

Black cathedral of Clermont-Ferrat; closed Sunday

Local hero Vercingetorix

Road to Lyon

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