Monday, September 8, 2014


Struck off northeast to the A16 and thence to Ostend in Belgium.  Followed the coast road (Hitler's bunkers still very much in evidence) to Blankenberge for lunch, then turned right at Zeebrugge and dove down to picturesque Brugge for a look at their (largely reconstructed) town square and a stroll through the lace galleries.  Paul began to flag, under the influence of a developing head cold, so we turned for France and home.

The north of France and Belgium were pretty well pounded flat in WWI and again 20 years later in WWII so most of what is visible is lovingly reconstructed.  That makes it pretty AND clean.

Reggie at Dunkirk

One of Hitler's bunkers on the coast

Brugge Cathedral

Town square 1

Town square 2


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