Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Boulogne and the Cote Opal

Through bucolic countryside via back-roads to Boulogne-sur-Mer today to visit the Haute Ville.  A walled city-within-a-city, the Haute Ville contains the Hotel de Ville, cathedral and lots of restaurants.  The Italianate cathedral, built in the 1800s is already crumbling.

After a pleasant lunch, we drove along the coast to Cap Griz-Nez which offers a view of the channel and white cliffs of Britain after you weave through the ruins of Hitler's Atlantic Wall bunkers.  A little further on, we found the Wall Museum housed in the Todt Bunker, a massive construct with 3.5 meter thick walls.  Though Cap Blanc-Nez was in the offing, we opted to return to base for the evening and a well-deserved glass of Bordeaux Superieur.

Locals, by the way, are nearly as crazy about beer as the Belgians are, with place-mats waxing rhapsodic over a beer's red tints and fruity bouquet with a delicate perfume of cloves and vanilla, combined with a soupcon of caramel.  Doesn't sound like Molson's at all.

Wall of Haute Ville

Inside Haute Ville

Nappy napped here

Central nave of cathedral

Cap Blanc Nez from Cap Gris Nez

Former Atlantic Wall bunker, now a museum

Gun turret side, facing the sea

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