Monday, September 15, 2014


Started the day with a quick visit to St. Malo to make sure we could find the ferry tomorrow.  While there, had to visit the church in which Jacques Cartier was blessed before his voyage to Canada and where his tomb is located.  Largely destroyed in 1944, St. Malo was rebuilt accurately, so that the old, walled town still looks old.

Then it was over to nearby Mont St. Michel.  We endured 40 minutes of parking, walking and shuttle bus to get within picture-taking range with 10,000 other visitors (the tide comes in so fast, they closed the parking lots near the Mount) but balked at climbing the endless stairs in the village.

Instead, we went to Caen and William the Conqueror's Fortress.  A dour, rambling pile of stones, we paid our respects and headed off for one last stop at Bayeux to see the famous tapestry (no photos allowed, of course) on the way home.  A 70 meter, 1000-year old cartoon of William's conquest of Britain, it proved tricky to get too and seemed to be buried down a back alley.

Long day.

Morning in Normandy

Jacques Cartier's church in St. Malo

In the crypt

Mont St. Michel

Willy's Fort

Home of Bayeux Tapestry

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