Sunday, June 29, 2014

Picnic on Mount Royal

Drove in to Montreal yesterday for a grandson's birthday.  It was a perfect summer day, so it seemed like a good idea to celebrate the event with a family picnic in Mount Royal Park.  It was such a good idea, that 10,000 other Montrealers were there too.  Given the size of the park however, there was plenty of room for all.  Our party lolled about with sandwiches, Greek salads, pizza and cake while some of our more enterprising neighbours struggled with charcoal-fired BBQs.  Kids raced about.  World Cup Soccer was discussed.  Badminton was played and a good time was had by all.  Yours truly sat in the shade of a stately Maple and surreptitiously sipped a beer.  Life was good.

Afterwards, of course, Reggie had lined up a few errands for us to tackle "while we were in Montreal".  These involved side-trips to Verdun and Pointe Claire but we managed to return home eventually.  Had to wonder though, why in the 35 years we'd lived in Montreal, we hadn't made more use of the namesake park.  It's spectacular.  You should try it.

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