Saturday, February 1, 2014


There is a staggering array of plant life on the Islands.  Nearly all tropical plants are found here and because of the wide range of altitudes (and thus micro-climates) available, almost any fruit can be grown here.  Our B&B is at the 1200 foot mark on the southeastern slope of Mauna Loa.  In addition to Macadamia Nuts, there are all sorts of flowers and trees.  The growing season of course, is 365 days long.

Here are some of plants at our B&B:

Queen Emma's Lily

Rubber tree


Reg and three Pot of Gold blooms

Wacky Plumeria tree with one flower

Came across this shot of Kilaeua taken by the USGS' webcam.  Apparently the volcano is kicking up it's heels again.  The fumes we saw are rich in sulfur-dioxide which is why we can't get closer.  You can learn more here:

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