Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cruise Embarkation

Up before 7 for breakfast at Splashes, checked out of hotel, loaded car and headed for the airport.   Even including gassing up and turning in the car, it was only a 20 minute trip.

Joining the line of hopefuls at the outside check-in for our flight, we waited 45 minutes for someone to show up and hand us our boarding passes.  Then through the painfully exacting security screening to the gate.  The flight was “open” seating (ie: no seat selection) and was overbooked by 4 passengers.  At this point Paul discovered that the tear-off stub portion of his boarding-pass was missing, lost somewhere between check-in and the gate.  Great, now they’d throw him off!  Undaunted, Reg went to the gate agent, explained the problem and asked about extra-legroom seating.  The agent moved us to the pre-boarding line (!) and on we went, securing a seat in the exit row to Paul’s relief.

The short flight to Honolulu (less than an hour, but only $90) ended soon enough.  We exited on to the tarmac in the blazing sun and proceeded to baggage claim.  There we were met by the Norwegian Cruise Line agent who escorted us to the shuttle to the harbour.

At the harbour we wheeled our luggage through the cavernous processing hall with 2-3000 others, lined up for security, lined up for registration, lined up for pictures with the captain (not!) and finally boarded the Pride of America.  Our 11th deck stateroom wasn’t ready, so we got a bite to eat on the pool deck and explored.  Finally at 2PM we got into our cabin, our luggage was delivered and we were suddenly struck by a Nap.

We rallied in time for a refreshing beverage on the afterdeck and an excellent supper in one of the many restaurants.  Then it was up to one of the top decks to watch as the captain pushed the 1,000 foot long ship daintily away from the pier, spun it in its own length within the narrow harbour, and motored out to sea.  We’re underway!

Honolulu harbour

Honolulu from the ship

Harbour at night


Leaving Honolulu

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