Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pali Lookout

Before Europeans arrived, Hawaii was divided into a number of kingdoms until King Kamehameha from the Big Island raised an army and fought a series of wars across the islands, culminating in a final battle on Oahu at Point Pali.  High in the mountains, the site was overrun by Kamehameha and many of his enemies fell to their deaths.

Not long afterwards, Europeans arrived with their diseases and filthy, rat-ridden ships.  The native Hawaiian population was decimated, falling from 400,000 to a mere 49,000.  "Pur laine" Hawaiians are of the opinion that all pale-skinned folk should leave the islands.  Fortunately, everyone else is friendly.  With 3 out of 5 jobs depending on tourism, that's a good thing.  What's not so good is the high cost of living and the low wages.  A car selling for $14,000 in Canada retails here for $35,000 (those delivery charges are fierce) but lasts forever.  The second biggest industry on the island is the Military and the third is agriculture.

Wild chickens in the park.  Escaped from an early farm, they have no predators.

Tortured roots of a determined tree

Giant Philodendron

Pali Panorama

Pali panorama 2

Rugged nearby mountain

Statue of King Kamehameha 

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