Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kona Day 2

Took a day off to rest up from our vacation.  We'd been on a dinner cruise the night before and though I'd like to say the whales came up to the boat to beg for table scraps, they in fact stayed about a half-mile away and were not posing for photos in the fading light.  Spectacular nonetheless.  The food was forgettable and after a nice chat with some folks from Idaho, we returned to the hotel for an overdue sleep-in.

Following a nice, leisurely breakfast at Splash's across the road, we took a stroll along the sea-front before returning to the hotel for more resting.  Paul shocked the tour guide by revealing that it was 107F colder at home than it was here (-27 vs +80).  He couldn't imagine it.  Windchill or not.

Off to the last Tour function tonight, a "King's Feast" before shuttling to the Kona airport tomorrow to pick up a rental car and begin the unstructured part of our visit.

Sunset cruise boat

Promised sunset

Breakfast overlooking Wailua Bay at Splash

Oceanfront street

Massive sidewalk Chinese Banyan

Storefront sign

This is where it happens

Hotel's Indian Banyan

Reg in the banyan, for scale

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