Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Japanese Garden

Across the street from the arboretum, at the end of Azalea Way, lies the Japanese Garden.  We took advantage of our Senior-ness, and got a discounted pair of $4 tickets.  Featuring flowers, trees, shrubs, ponds and ornaments from Japan, the gardens are a serene place for contemplation.  If you don't mind the boisterous, three-foot Koi fish sharing the pond with some turtles.

Koi pond

Ornamental pagoda and waterfall

6-Tatami-mat Tea Room

Koi feeding happily after winter of inactivity

Turtle sunbathing

Ornamental lantern near the pond

After all that, we found a New-Age-Thai-Fusion restaurant (West Coast, you know.) and had a delicious Crispy Chili lunch (which turned out to be chicken) and a nice Chang beer.  Time for a nap.

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