Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Home Again

Left Phil's place at 10:00 AM to drive to Seatac Airport for 11:00 AM to turn in rental Ford.  Whisked through Security thanks to our Nexus card, had lunch and got to gate in plenty of time for our 2:40 Air Canada flight to Vancouver.  The 40 minute flight on a Bombardier Dash 8 (the plane was too low to reach the Jetway, so we had to climb down to the tarmac in the rain and walk over to it to board) was really more like 15 minutes of taxiing followed by 25 minutes of up and down.  Transit time from Philippe's place to Vancouver airport: 5 1/2 hours.  Would have been faster to drive.

Again, Nexus whisked us through Immigration and Security, we sat at the gate briefly, then boarded Air Canada 1134 that took off at 5:30 PM and got us to Montreal in 3 3/4 hours at a cruising speed of 1034 KPH (love those Jet stream tailwinds!) and an altitude of 11KMs.  Toted our carry-on bags to the Park and Fly shuttle, bused to the car and drove home, arriving at 2:30AM local.  Sounds worse than it was, because we were still on West Coast Time (3 hours earlier).

Heartily recommend the Nexus Program to everyone.

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  1. Hey Paul and Rej!

    I was not even aware that you had gone to Seattle after Belize! Hard to keep up! Anyway - enjoyed the read - it's nice to read a well-written bulletin, with no spelling, grammar or syntax errors (rare these days...!).

    Glad to know you had a good time and took advantage of the Nexus card. I have had a Nexus card for years and it sure does help, but I always show up early anyway - just in case.

    Can't wait for the next adventure!