Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Last Day

Well, we've had a lovely time, but all good things come to an end.  Tomorrow Henry will pick us up and drive us through the border with Mexico to the bus station in Chetumal.  From there, we get to enjoy a 5-hour ride to Cancun where we'll overnight.  The next day, it's off to the airport and American Airlines to Miami for a plane change and then on to Montreal.  We'll overnight in Dorval and catch the train home the next day, arriving finally on Saturday.

We chose this route because we didn't want to have to spend a night in Belize City and then  catch a small plane the next day to Corozal.  Adding up the cost of the hotel in Cancun, the bus rides, the exit fees from Mexico (twice) the amount is significant.  A better way would have been to fly Montreal-Houston-Belize City and get Henry to pick us up and drive us to Corozal.  We'd arrive late, but the trip would be a day shorter, cheaper and avoid Mexico. Had we but known.  Maybe next time.

Anyone contemplating a visit would do well to contact to start.

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