Sunday, January 20, 2013


We heard there was a sort of Crafts Fair in the town square, called Art in The Park on Saturday, so about 3PM, we strolled down to have a look-see.  A cold front from Mexico had roared through and the temperature had plummeted to a comfortable 24C.   There didn't seem to be much happening at the park, so we continued strolling and treated ourselves to an ice-cream.  Eventually we went to one of the few booths and asked if the Fair was over.  Oh no, we were told, it hasn't started yet.  Just then, our host from the cottages rode up on a bicycle and told us that he had found out that the fair didn't start until 7PM and went on until 10PM.  Makes sense in a hot country; who wants to shop in the blazing sun?

As we were leaving, we noticed that the doors of the Corozal City Hall were open and people were bringing our folding tables to be used for the Fair.  We couldn't resist peaking inside.  We found out, among other things, that the National Flower of Belize is the Black Orchid, the National Bird is the Toucan, the National Animal is the Tapir and the Town Hall has an astonishing mural on one end of the main room.

On the way home we passed flowering shrubs.  

Trumpet Vine

Alamanda flower (thanks Ross!)

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