Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day

To get around the problem of parking the car somewhere while we travel, we decided to take the train to Dorval Station.  Unfortunately, because of the holiday, train schedules were somewhat reduced and none coincided well with our flight's departure time.  The solution was to go the night before and stay in an airport hotel one night (extending the vacation in the process!).  Turns out this and $53 entitles you to 28 days of parking.  Since we'll be staying at the hotel again on our return( due to a late arrival), we could have had 56 days of parking for $106 or about the same as the train fare.

We hadn't ridden Via rail in decades and were pleased when all went as advertised and we were driven comfortably to Dorval in an hour.  Somewhat bemused by the electronic ticket machines in the station that displayed an active advertising movie on an LCD screen whilst sporting a printed announcement underneath the screen that "This machine is no longer in operation.  Please purchase your tickets on-line".  Why not remove the machines?  Or at least unplug them. The agreeable nature of the transport was dimmed slightly when we had to wait an hour for the hotel's shuttle to collect us, but we eventually arrived, checked-in and after unpacking, repaired to the dining-room for an excellent supper.

Reggie hooked up her Magic Jack phone to the laptop and called the Boys to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Airborne tomorrow!

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