Sunday, September 16, 2012


Photography isn't allowed inside the shows, of course, so here's another picture of the Grand Canyon instead:

Saturday morning found us somewhat refreshed after a good sleep, so we drove to The Strip lunched at the Imperial Palace and caught the matinee show of Jeff Civillico, a comedy juggler at their theatre.  Back to the hotel to change afterwards and through ferocious Saturday traffic to Planet Hollywood for a nice Italian supper and a wonderful variety show called Vegas!  The show chronicled the history of the town and the great entertainers who have head-lined here with a talented cast of singer-dancers and old-style Vegas chorus girls with plumes and minimal attire.  Reg had secured front-row seats for us and was rewarded by having a comedy tumbler pretend to fall off the stage into her lap and reward her with a kiss for catching him.

The Planet Hollywood mall was interesting, incorporating a variety of architectural styles and a faux-sky domed roof upon which digital projectors cast an image of the sky, complete with moving clouds and appearance suitable to the time of day.  So well done was it, that it took as a moment to realize that we hadn't actually wandered outside.  The air-conditioning gave it away first.

Home at a reasonable time and straight to bed.  Tomorrow's another day.

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