Saturday, September 29, 2012

Le May Car Museum and Woodland Park Zoo

Down Interstate 5 to Tacoma with Philippe to visit the Le May Car Museum.  A collection of classic cars numbering in the hundreds, the museum has some lovely examples of rare and unique rides.

Museum entrance

1904 Fiat

Enormous 1930 Duesenberg two-seater.  How could you not want one?

Ferrari alley

Stanley Steamer's boiler

While we looked at cars, Reg and Maria took the boys to the zoo, always a favourite.

Gorilla napping with his Blankie

Big cats enjoying a siesta

Then we joined Reg and Alex for a lovely lunch lakeside on the patio at Chandler's Crabs on Lake Union.  A small regatta of one-man sailboats was underway and I was startled to see float-planes taking off and landing among them.  Lovely, sunny day.

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