Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday in Marathon (Perry`s Gorgeous Italian Friend)

While Reg went off to do errands, Paul and Perry took the Fiat down to the Marathon airport to see the aviation museum.  This only took five minutes so we wandered out onto the tarmac to watch the bustling about of small planes and helicopters.  The Warbirds had apparently departed, so we adjourned with Reg to Sparky`s Landing for lunch beside the sport-fishermen.

Pelicans surrounded us while we ate, waiting for a successful fisherman to come in and set about cleaning his catch.  We admired the gorgeous boats (some of which are for hire) briefly then drove off to Sandal City to get Perry some souvenir Topsiders and chuckle at the joke T-shirts.

Gorgeous Italian

Cute as a bug

Note in engine compartment

How light is it? 1000 lbs.

Laughing Gull

Pet friendly restaurant


Pelicans waiting for lunch

Fighting chair on a sport-fisherman

Perry on Sombrero Beach

From there it was minutes to Sombrero beach for a stroll among the bikini-clad kite flyers.  Not many swimmers, but Perry dipped his toes and opined that the water was a frigid (for Florida) 70 degrees.  On the way back we passed a couple of beach volleyball courts which, alas, were not in use.

Home for a very Happy Hour.

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