Sunday, February 19, 2012

Prehistoric Battle

No sooner had I decided that all was quiet and I could settle down in the shade for a nice read, than a neighbour rode by on her bicycle and called out "Is the battle still going on?".  Curious, I looked around the corner of the trailer to see a small crowd gathered in the turn-around area near the gazebo.  When I wandered over, the source of the excitement was immediately apparent: two 4 to 5 foot long Iguanas were fighting (or courting, it is mating season) near the hedge.  Bursts of frenetic grappling were interspersed with short periods of immobility while the prehistoric, cold-blooded creatures absorbed more sunlight and thought over their next move.

The match went on for ten minutes until another neighbour, blithely unaware of the action drove into the area, parting the crowd, to turn around.  The  beasts, who had ignored the wary onlookers to this point, no doubt felt that this was a little much and slithered off behind the hedge, to continue the action out of sight.  No one wanted to get too close to the aggressive lizards, so the party broke up.  Just in time for a nice iced-tea.

Wrestling Iguanas


No beauty

Who's your Daddy?


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  1. Gadzooks!

    If I had known those rascals were there, I would not have wandered near those bushes so often...


    Enjoy your last week in the sunshine...

    Cheers and Love,