Thursday, February 2, 2012


Those lobster pots we saw while sailing?  Some of them belong to one of our neighbours and his father who have a commercial lobster boat.  While chatting the other day he asked if we'd like some.  I new the correct answer to that question.

This afternoon he turned up with a laundry basket containing two live lobsters.  Said if we wanted, he'd throw in some Porgys.  They were live too.  Sorry, not cleaning fish for supper, no matter what the correct answer was supposed to be.

The lobsters, unlike our own, were Spiny lobsters, possessing of course spines instead of claws, and requiring a little care when handling.  Okay, fine, now what?  The neighbour suggested we pop them in the fridge for a while to send them into suspended animation, then either grill them or boil them for ten minutes.  Grill them?  They're alive.  Won't they try to escape?  He agreed that they wouldn't like it.  Neither would I, so Reggie boiled them.

They were good!  A bottle of Funf Reisling helped.

Comatose lobsters fill the sink

Kind of a giant shrimp

Ready to eat

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