Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All Good Things Come to an End

Yesterday, our last evening in the Keys, the Gang assembled at poolside at the Sunset Grill for a farewell dinner.  After scarfing down a Caesar Salad topped with Calamari and a couple of Yinglings, we were startled when the restaurant blew a horn to signal the start of sunset, for which the restaurant is famous.
A lovely sunset over the Seven-Mile Bridge was duly photographed.  Then the underwater lights around the restaurant's pier were illuminated.  These lights attract small fish who in turn attract larger fish until in minutes, a squadron of 4-foot long Tarpons cruised up and began enjoying the restaurant's live buffet.

A tasty meal seated between the pool and the sea

Sunset over the Seven-Mile Bridge

Tarpon and Barracuda arriving for supper

A good night's sleep, a hearty breakfast at Seven Mile Grill and we hit the road.  Up US 1 through the keys to the mainland, the Florida Turnpike to Miami and US95 from there to St. Augustine for the night.  Even in only one day of driving, the weather is cooling and the foliage is changing.  Sigh.  I guess it's back to snow in a few days.

The Keys were great.  Laid back, interesting and warm.  Great weather, charming people and even beaches!  Try them, you'll like them. 

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