Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Because the Earth is tilted in its orbit by 23.5 Degrees, we get seasons.  By driving south 21 Degrees, we’ve driven into another season, so to speak.  We’ve also driven to a place where our normal winter constellations are 21 Degrees higher than usual.  Good old Orion is nearly overhead, as is the planet Jupiter.  Slightly disorienting, if the warmth weren’t enough.

After the usual morning birdwatching, we wandered out to do laundry, stopping for a quick peek at the nearby Marathon Key municipal beach; Sombrero Beach.  Definitely going to return there later.

Apparently vultures are Snow Birds too.  Lurking around Miami and the Keys in the winter.

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Fortunately, prettier birds live here year-round.

Nearby Sombrero Beach.

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