Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day at Sea

Went with Rej and our wives to visit one of his friends who owns a 45-foot catamaran near Sombrero Beach.  Jim lives on a canal that allows him to bring the yacht right up to his own private dock at his backdoor.  After motoring down the canal, bordered by luxurious homes and yachts and not a few mangrove trees we emerged into the open sea.  While Rejeanne and Ghislaine kept an eye out for lobster trap floats, the guys got the sails up and we were off!  Lobster season here (Spiny Lobsters) is eight months long and the traps are everywhere.

We sailed out past Sombrero Light, over the reef and into deeper water.  As the day wore on the seas picked up to 4-6 feet and dark clouds appeared on the horizon moving up from Cuba.  Cautious sailors get to be old sailors so we jibed the big Cat around and headed back in, sunburned and slightly salty from the spray.  What a gorgeous way to spend a day!

The Cat at home

Leaving dock

Control centre for hoisting sails

On the right, the House.  On the left the garage.  Oceanfront.  In the Keys.

More waterfront homes.

Pelican preening on a post


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