Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Paros to Mikonos

After a restful night, moved around to Naoussa Bay, anchored and enjoyed a lovely chat with a retired RAF gentleman while the mob tendered ashore for a few hours on a beach.  Perfect weather again, though a little windy.  Powered out to Mikonos in the afternoon in a stiff headwind with only 2 - 3 foot waves, arriving in time for supper.  This time we moored in the New Port but buses were provided to ferry us in to town.  Reggie's tummy rebelled at the prospect of more movement, so we opted for a night aboard.

I had watched the Captain tie up to the pier stern-first (in approved Mediterranean fashion) while wrestling with a beam wind that seemed to be half a gale.  Afterwards I asked him how high the wind had been and he said only "More than 20 kph."  The bay in front of our position was occupied by two enormous cruise ships who were riding to anchor and as we watched, a third cruise ship inched carefully in to shore to dock beside us.  Mikonos was going to be hopping tonight.  An hour later, one of the anchored ships made ready to depart, only to discover that one of his anchors was fouled.  I looked on with great interest as he struggled with it for half an hour, towards the end of which an inter-island car ferry zipped in, rotated in its own length and insouciantly backed in to the dock between us and the third cruiser.  He squeezed in with the ramp already partially lowered, docked and began unloading just as the other ship finally freed his anchor, and with a collective sigh of relief sailed off into the sunset.

Never a dull moment on the Aegean!

Happy swimmers off to the beach, Naoussa

Nearby boatyard, Naoussa

Cruiser inching in, Mikonos

Ferry spinning in front of struggling cruiser

Ferry squeezing between us and another cruise ship

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  1. Wow! Gorgeous! - Looks like the weather is holding up for you....! Lots of movement and activity, it seems... Enjoy it while it lasts.

    On the home front, Lee and I are planning a Boys' Night Out tomorrow night, in between his intercontinental travels, you know.

    Meanwhile the in-laws are all moved into a retirement home in Verdun, long overdue. Not used to seeing them like that, though....

    Michelle getting ready to go to Monaco for a trade show (!) Lucky girl - I asked her if she needed someone to carry her bags... :-)

    Laura's boyfriend has finally landed a permanent job in finance - starts Monday..... much to Laura's relief...

    I have been invited for an interview in Toronto at an airborne geophysical survey company. It will be my third interview with them and the first face-to-face! Also have a verbal job offer from my old Montreal client, as I may have mentioned. Will iron out details with him soon.

    Nice weather these days, sunny and not too hot.... However, T-storms tonight....

    Can't wait to see you guys back here in October, all tanned and relaxed!

    Keep them blogs coming!

    Love and Cheers,